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Aretha Franklin is seriously ill, gets home palliative care

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The American singer Aretha Franklin, known for more ‘Think’, ‘Respect’ and ‘I say a little prayer’, is seriously ill and receives palliative care.

It was the journalist Roger Friedman, a friend of the family, who on his website, Showbiz 411 Monday announced that Aretha Franklin ‘seriously ill’. “Her family asks the public to pray and her intimacy to be respected.’ The local newspaper, the Detroit News, which various sources of quotes from its immediate environment, says that she is already a week palliative care.

“I had the opportunity to ms. Franklin about an hour ago to talk,” said a journalist from the station WDIV Monday afternoon. ‘Aretha asks the inhabitants of the city of Detroit, her home, for her to pray.” She said that the family of Aretha Franklin had asked for no details about her health.

Queen of Soul

‘Everyone is afraid’, says priest Robert Smith of the church in Detroit where the father of Aretha Franklin priest. It is in that church that she began to sing. “I don’t know how it will be if they are no more.”

Various artists, among whom the American rapper Missy Elliott and the British singer Boy George, wished Aretha Franklin a speedy recovery. R&b singer Mariah Carey tweette that they prayed for the ‘Queen of Soul’.

Aretha Franklin, who, in 2010 cancer was established, sang the last time in november 2017 for a foundation of Elton John for aids. Some of her best known records are ‘Lady soul’ and ‘I never loved a man the way I love you.

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