Aquarius can moor in Malta

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Malta gives the ngo-ship Aquarius, 141 migrants on board, permission to lay into one of the ports of the country. This brings an end to four days ronddobberen at sea.

The Maltese government stresses that there is actually no obligation for the migrants to catch, and that the people across different countries will be made. “A number of European member states have, with the support of the European Commission, reached an agreement about an exercise in shared responsibility with regard to the rescued migrants on board the MV Aquarius. Malta will be a concession by the ship permission to dock in one of its ports, although it is not required by law’.

The migrants will be transferred to France, Germany, Luxembourg, Portugal and Spain. Malta also know that the self is Monday still 114 people at sea saved. Other member states of the European Union will have 60 of them opgvangen. “The Maltese government sees this as a concrete example of European solidarity and leadership’, according to the statement.

Spain let us know that, just like France, 60 of the 141 passengers of the Aquarius will collect. Portugal reported that it is available to ‘30 of 244 migrants to take on board the Aquarius and other ships’. Germany wants 50 welcome.

‘Positive sign’

‘The fact that collaboration between a large number of EU countries is a positive sign, and indicates that the countries have understood that it is a common problem, ” said Frédéric Penard of SOS Méditerranée during a press conference in Paris. Penard showed themselves, however, are still cautious, awaiting details on the agreement.

SOS-Mediterranee airport is still waiting on further instructions before moving it to a port fails.

Hard policy

The 141 refugees were Friday for the Libyan coast to be picked up. Since then, waited for the charterpartijen of the ship, SOS Mediterranean, and Doctors without Borders, the allocation of a safe harbor. In addition to Malta refused Italy the ship to moor.

Both countries carry a hard policy of lifeboats of ngos that are at sea migrants to pick up. They are of the opinion that all EU-partners have a responsibility.

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