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After successful test runs: 20 million US dollars for Dexon – IDG Capital Lead Investor

b2f305ad6bb4dd8b16594b9a46e540b8 - After successful test runs: 20 million US dollars for Dexon – IDG Capital Lead Investor

New York, 13. August 2018 – The Dexon Foundation, developer of the decentralized Protocol, Dexon, has 20 million dollars collected. The round is led by IDG Capital, with already 150 successful Exits and more than $ 20 billion in assets under management, one of the leading global venture capital investors. To IDGs Portfolio companies including App Annie, 5Miles, and WeCash. Was founded Dexon from COBINHOOD leadership team. COBINHOOD is one of the leading fee-free trading currencies platforms for Crypto. In addition to IDG other Angel have participated in the investors in the financing round. Dexon has the potential to detect decentralised protocols significantly faster than previously possible. This is a current test run is occupied.

“The investors believe in Dexons ‘block lattice’Protocol. The basis for an algorithm that is based on a consensus. This allows for transaction speeds, which rival companies are capable of with those large credit card,“ says Popo Chen, founder of COBINHOOD and the Non-Profit Dexon Foundation. “In fact, we even hope that with such financial institutions, as we now offer the same computing power, with no centralization is required. Unlike Dexon other Blockchain can process logs are only a few safe and secure transactions per second. As a result, you are able to compete with the traditional solutions.”

In addition to the funding round Dexon announces the results of its first test run. The transaction speeds was 50 Blocks per second. This corresponds to an estimated one million transactions per second. Through the use of the block-lattice structure and a consensus-based Total Ordering algorithm Dexon is able to make decentralized transactions scalable for the needs of practical application. Unlike traditional Blockchain-systems, which build their encrypted block, linear, used Dexons block lattice multiple parallel Blockchains. This makes it scale easier, automatically and energy-efficient.

“With its new architecture Dexon is able to be the world’s first Blockchain to the Mainstream,” says Wei-Ning Huang, Co-Founder of COBINHOOD. “Investors recognize the Problem of the current Blockchain technology. The Protocol, which focuses the most on enforceability and scalability, and forms the Basis of new gantry chain opportunities. The Tests show that our block lattice work. At the same time, the new round of financing proves that the leading investors in the long term, Dexons strategy.”

Further Tests are already planned. For more information on:

About Dexon: Dexon, 2018 established, has currently the fastest Blockchain (“block lattice”). It is designed for the needs of real application. The technology used in parallel cooperation at the end of Blockchain systems. This allows for an infinitely scalable, decentralized Processing Engine with low latency. Dexon is the leading Blockchain-a platform for the development of dApps; Dexons programming language enables the development of simpler dApps, as well as their use and acceptance by a Distributed Ledger technology. The Dexon Foundation was founded by the leadership team of COBINHOOD.

About COBINHOOD: COBINHOOD, 2017, is the world’s first fee-free trading platform for crypto-currencies and service providers for ICOs. Behind the company, the former 17-Media-founder Popo. The goal is to shape economies through the creation of a financial centre’s sustainable for the Blockchain Era. COBINHOOD believes that the development of the Blockchain technology and decentralized financial world, the global capital markets and business transactions will change permanently.

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