’Aanslagpleger’ London is 29-year-old Briton

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LONDON – The man who Tuesday morning near the British parliament in a car at high speed rammed the cyclists and against a barrier to a halt, is a 29-year-old Briton. The authorities consider the incident as a terrorist act.

At least three people were injured. Agents could the driver on the spot to hold.

“Since there seems to be intentional, and given the method and the fact that this is an iconic location, we treat this as a terrorist incident”, said the head of the British antiterreurdienst, Neil Basu. In the car there are no weapons have been found.

Does not participate in hearing

Basu says that the suspect is not known to the security services and that he refuses to cooperate in his interrogation. The British minister of Security Ben Wallace said that he was a British citizen, originally from another country.” The man would be in the vicinity of Birmingham, reported sources at the BBC.

Later Tuesday searched by the police, searched three addresses, two in Birmingham and one in Nottingham.

Victims have hospital leave

The emergency services brought after the collision, two of the three wounded to the hospital. According to the BBC, they have now left the hospital. Prime minister Theresa May announced empathize with the victims.

By a similar attack in the British parliament fell last year for another five dead. The offender drove at that time with a car in pedestrian traffic on Westminster Bridge, and then with a knife put on agents. An armed agent shot attacker Khalid Masood then death.

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