Woman’s death from silicone snowflake in hand

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Sydney – A 30-year-old mother of a daughter of seven died after a tattoo-shop a silicone snowflake in the hand of the woman had implanted.

Implanted star leads to death of the Australian. (Archive photo)

It went to a ’body-modification’, which are a type of implants that people can bring under the skin to themselves to ’beautify’. This includes, for example, the splitting of the tongue, and branding.

The woman was in 2017 to the tattoo parlor by Brendan Russell just north of Sydney went for the surgery on her right hand. Three weeks after surgery, took her little daughter to her death in the house. The body modification was going to ignite, as it appeared from the autopsy report.

The 37-year-old man who is the tattoo had made, has now been arrested.

An example of a body-modification:

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