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Video recommendation of the week: R or a look in the tool box

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In addition to a knowledge in crypto-currencies, in dealing with the Exchanges and the Follow trusted news sources, the use of the right tools is important. In addition to trading view or similar portals, Python and R are great AIDS, but beginners often feel from the programming quenched. In this Video introduces R in a little more detail for financial applications.

Those involved in currency Trading and investing in Crypto, you must not only study the White Papers. In the case of trading skills in technical analysis are helpful in the case of an Investment Portfolio can be a theory useful. For the chart analysis is frequently used, also from BTC-ECHO trading view. Trading view, an analysis platform with additional Social Network features that can be used to analyze more than just Charts – some time ago we have described a back-testing of trading strategies using the Strategy Tester of trading view.

Now, trading view is proprietary, and the beautiful Charts can be saved in a scalable vector format. In addition, the financial analysis consists of more than just the Viewing Charts. For the long-term investor that can be Calculate the optimal portfolio is very interesting. Finally, there are reasons to analyze in addition to price data, other sizes, in order to investigate, for example, correlations between Hashrate and price. The Monte-Carlo analysis, with the possible future course developments have been modelled, for example, is written in R.

For those who like to have everything in your Hand, who want to write their Tools themselves, and to things such as Portfolio theory, and data analysis of interest, R. R is a programming language for the analysis of data. an introduction to working with R and price data. Introduction to R Programming for Financial Timeseries

Watch this Video on YouTube.

Appendix: Transfer of learning on crypto-currencies

Unfortunately, QuantBros is not working with crypto-rates, however, the Video is for a first introduction. For the first one wins, nevertheless, a Feeling for Working with data, for the second dare to can bold instead of just “install.packages(“quantmod”)” write the following:


and later, instead of library(quantmod) the following two lines:


The later, with the Apple courses provided Variable df can be provided with the Bitcoin rates:

testjson$Data$time<-as.Date(as.POSIXct(testjson$Data$time, origin=”1970-01-01″))
Data<-testjson$Data[2:7] row.names(data)<-testjson$Data[,1] df<-data

Now you can experiment with these data. In the Video you get to a point where the speaker, having “Adjusted”values argued. Instead of this, you can simply continue to work with Close values.

I wish a lot of fun, something to do with R playing around! If there are any questions, you can contact you about our Discord-Channel to me.

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