Turkey announces measures against valutacrisis

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The Turkish authorities announced Monday measures to the free fall of the lira, the Turkish currency, a halt. The valutacrisis makes for a turbulent weekbegin on the European stock exchanges.

The Turkish central bank promised on Monday that they ‘all necessary measures’ will affect the financial stability of the country to ensure. So they promised to ensure that banks always have sufficient cash will be available. The banks have now less stock on lira reserve to keep.

The measures come after for one Us dollar Monday morning, all very briefly 7.42 lira had to be consideration. The fall of Friday so as usual, that day, lost the lira, fifteen percent against the dollar. In a years time evaporated more than forty percent of the value of the Turkish currency.

The signal for the government of president Erdogan and the financial authorities of the country on Monday with a plan of action to come. In addition to the promises of the central bank guaranteed the Turkish minister of Finance, Berat Albayrak, the son-in-law of president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in a series of tweets that he is ” a number of measures to combat the crisis’. That the markets must let it calm down.

Albayrak insured according to staatspersagentschap Anadolu also that all the savings in Turkish banks are safe and there is no foreign currency to bank accounts in lira converted will be.

‘The Turkish economy is strong’

“The Turkish economy is strong, we take the necessary measures to stability”, said a spokesman for Erdogan Monday on Twitter. ‘The ministry of Finance, the central bank and the banking supervisory authorities and the financial markets all work to a solution.’

President Erdogan blames the free fall of the lira to a high ascending conflict of his country with the United States, among others, to the greatly increased customs tariffs of the US steel Monday morning to be entered.

Europe also affected

The free fall of the Lira extends in the European Union. Investors are worried that the Turkish crisis affects the European financial markets and banking sector.

The Brussels stock exchange trading Monday with a loss started. Shortly after opening were all the shares within the Bel20 index in the red. Also the other European stock markets, the week began with losses.

Research on internet users

The Turkish authorities announced Monday also to start an investigation on hundreds of internet users that they suspect the fall of the Turkish lira in the hand to have worked. Anadolu reports that the ministry of the Interior a preliminary investigation has begun to ‘346 accounts on social networks that ‘provocative statements’ are shared.’

The supervisor on the financial markets gave Monday in a press release that everyone will continue that ‘false information’ about the economy spreads.

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