‘Trumps attacks on media and minorities to violence’

0a8d98bb72255d135f0623e61ed2dc8e - ‘Trumps attacks on media and minorities to violence’

The rhetoric of the American president Donald Trump about minorities and the media can result in violence or censorship, says the High Commissioner for human Rights of the United Nations.

At the end of his four-year term as UN-mensenrechtencommissaris retrieves the Jordanian prince and diplomat Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein in an exclusive interview with The Guardian off to the American president Donald Trump.

Al Hussein told the British newspaper that the lack of concern of government-Trump over human rights is a clear break it marks with previous American governments. Trumps statements about minorities and the press would make him even reminiscent of the rhetoric that, according to him, was common in the run-up to the two world wars.

‘The campaign that Trump against the media can be a series of events in motion that can easily turn into an attack on journalists, which, however, only doing their job. They can also lead to self-censorship, ” says Al Hussein. “The statements of Trump, consequently, very close to incitement to violence.’

Political gain

The diplomat noted that the behavior of Trump also followed in other countries. He gives, inter alia, Cambodia, where prime minister hun Sen late last year, a critical newspaper had to close. ‘The U.S. put a line out which is then copied by other countries, where leaders in power who aspires to have an authoritarian act, ” Al Hussein.

The diplomat denounces also, according to him, derogatory vocabulary of Trump about minorities. “When groups are targeted that are traditionally already many are suffering from intolerance and prejudice, then we go back to a period in the last century, when in the run-up to the two world wars for purely political gain, the feelings were stoked about vulnerable groups.’

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