Trump creaks former employee of the White House

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WASHINGTON – The Us president, Trump is Monday lost against a former employee that a book about her experiences in the White House, wrote, and says secretly recording. Trump calls “the loony Omarosa,” someone who never has and never will. She is evil, but also stupid, according to Trump.

Donald Trump and Omarosa Manigault-Newman.

Omarosa Manigault Newman worked in the White House, but according to Trump, will be set aside, after chief of staff John Kelly had complained that they are only for problems caused and ’a loser’. She was, according to Trump unfriendly in the handling and missed appointments for her work.

The African-American, 44-year-old Omarosa was a personality from a reality tv series, the NBC show, The Apprentice (The Student), that when Trump was created and presented. They hit in July 2016 to be involved in the election campaign of Trump. They got in early 2017 for a job in the White House. She was there in december pushed aside.

At the time, was reported to be 12 december 2017 against her by security personnel from the complex of the White House was removed. Themselves argued they are not to be discharged, but himself left.


Tuesday her book ’out of Control’ in which they Trump a racist calls. The book, according to the White House full of lies and false accusations. Omarosa has via NBC Monday pictures spread that, according to her, the telephone response from Trump on her resignation. Trump says nothing of her resignation to have known. Previously distributed them recordings of a conversation with Kelly about her resignation.

In the by Omarosa distributed telephone response from Trump seems the president is not well aware of what is happening in ‘his’ White House is playing: “Omarosa, what is going on? I just saw on the news that you’re planning to steps (..).” Omarosa replied: “General Kelly told me that I would have.” Trump is surprised: “No I…, no one has me said anything about it.”

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