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Tech-ECHO-KW 32 – Ethereum-Shorting, old problems in Bitcoin, Cash, and Bitcoin via text message

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Bitcoin, Bitcoin, Cash, and Litecoin have developed ways to initiate transactions over the phone or Telegram. A couple of security vulnerabilities and attacks at Augur, Bitcoin, Cash, and Ethereum caused a short. The Bugs could be fixed.

And again a week has passed! The Tech sector has falling prices continue to fall, and to focus on what he does best. Instead of #HODL #BUILDL there is still the buzzword. In this edition of the Tech-ECHO, we are looking not only at recent developments, but also, for example, on a nice visualization platform of various sizes in the Bitcoin Ecosystem. In addition, to be considered with a view to an attack on the Ethereum network and the experience of the Bitcoin Core Developers in the disclosure of a vulnerability in Bitcoin Cash. Shorting opportunities on a DEX, a Patent for the Transfer of Bitcoin via text messages and innovations from the area of the Miner round out this Tech review. But let’s get to the News…

Bitcoin: the New Core-Client, beautiful visualizations, and Bitcoin transactions via text messages

In the Bitcoin Ecosystem is certainly first of all the new Bitcoin Core Client. The Version 0.16.2 has been released Recently. It is more than a Minor Release. Real innovations do not come with this Version, namely, rather there were some bug fixes and optimizations. An example of this is that line breaks have been added to the end of Log Messages so that the Log looks less like a Wall of Text. It is important to say that this Version of the Client-generated Wallets are with older Clients compatible.

With OXT, the people of samurai wallet have developed a Tool for data analysis of the Bitcoin Blockchain, with the help of a data – and Numbers-can spend Nerd hours. At first glance, OXT is reminiscent of the usual Blockchain-Explorer. Compare it to and other Bitcoin-focused Explorer. The big difference is by how much of a different look, you angles can the data behind the Blockchain, that is, one can analyze the most exotic contexts. The address Reuse with the average transaction fee? How did the Segwit-use over time? These and many other questions can be visualize with a different Plot types.

Finally, there was a patent application in the Bitcoin field: Intuit Labs filed for a Patent, which Bitcoin payments made via text messages such as SMS or MMS initiated and can be transferred. In this case, the phone relies on a Payment Service respectively, it sends the text messages to those Payment Service, handles the transaction processing. On the negative side, so the Middle Man was introduced. A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System, it is not so. However, the ease of Sending money with simple mobile phones in the sense of the adaptation of its value.

Ethereum on Azure, Bitcoin, Cash in old mobile phones and more

In the case of Altcoins very much, indeed, for some cryptographic multiple things currencies.

Ethereum is an example of this. Already longer can be worked on Microsoft Azure with Ethereum. For Enterprise solutions, and Blockchain applications in consortia, the existing Proof of Work, however, is not goal-oriented; they are not here already with the private blockchains, so that an extremely decentralized consensus is necessary. Azure introduces the Proof-of-Authority-consensus, a consensus mechanism that requires no Mining. But not everything is running on Ethereum perfect: a few days Ago, there was a slight attack on the Ethereum network. With a massive increase in the number of transactions, the price of Gas increased, in part, by a factor of 100. Dr. Aleksandra Sokolowska has been processed for Validity Labs this attack in Detail and came to the conclusion that, similar to the one described some time ago in FOMO3D a gap in a Smart Contract was utilized.

When talking about security vulnerabilities, you can look at Bitcoin is Cash on a “near-disaster”. This shows, by the way, how in spite of all the “Bitcoin Cash is the real Bitcoin” and “BCash? Moar liek Btrash“-Calling can look like a professional dialogue between the two sides. Cory Fields, Bitcoin Core Developer, has made in April to a significant security vulnerability in the Protocol of the Bitcoin Cash’s attention, which could endanger the whole project. In the linked article, he describes why he wanted to make the Bug Report anonymously, and how difficult it was to do so in a meaningful way. Overall, the article is very worth reading, not because of a Bitcoin vs Bitcoin-to-Cash debate, but because we learn from challenges in protocols, the need for anonymity and encryption. However, from Bitcoin to Cash, there are also other news: Similar to the above-described Patent by Intuit you can transfer with the help of Electron Cash Wallet Bitcoin to Cash of the simplest Smartphones.

More News for Altcoins: Litecoin on Telegram, the NEO Naming Service and Lisk element

In a similar vein, a project in the case of Litecoin, which allows the Transfer of LTCs on Telegram is developed. Here, too, a SMS is planned to Support. It is a Pattern developed here.

In addition to some Announcements about NEO 3.0, in which there was a higher TPS, and more complex Smart Contracts, now starts on the Testnet is the Neo Name Service or short-NNS, a domain register for NEO. Thus, it is possible for users to .to acquire a neo-Domains, which can optionally be for dApps useful. NEO follows in the footsteps of the Ethereum Name Service, Lisk, the dApp platform from Germany, has released a few days ago the JavaScript Library Lisk element in Version 1.0. In the context, the entire Library was turned on Lings, for example, BIP39 support-word lists as Seed for the Private Keys.

New developments in the Blockchain sector: Ether-Shorting on a DEX, stable coins on the Ledger Wallet

After the Altcoins already via security loopholes have been spoken, now fits an Episode about Augur: The White hat Hacker Vlacheslav Sniezhkov has on 4. August pointed to a security vulnerability in the Prediction Market. Thus, it was possible that a third party overrides a hidden web page element to an existing group’s configuration, and by his own replaced. This could lead to large financial losses and loss of Reputation. With a Patch, this issue has been fixed in the meantime.

We are – once again – in bearish times. Ethereum has lost over the last week, a whopping 20 percent. Traders come to the Shorten, the bets on falling prices. So far, this was on the decentralized Exchanges are not possible. The stock market dYdX advertises that you can shorten on this DEX actually Ethereum. This DEX has been developed on the Basis of 0x and Ethereum, and is intended to enable a decentralised Margin Trading. How exactly it works is explained in the White Paper.

While other Coins go up and down, the promise of stable coins such as Tether or TrueUSD a fixed, constant Dollar rate. Nubits showed that this need not always be so, and even with more well known Coins, such as Tether concerns come up again and again. However, stable-coins within the crypto-enjoy-cosmos growing in popularity. The Problem is that these Wallets are on the Hardware can be saved, and accordingly is often rather unsafe Exchanges. With Kowala now a first Stablecoin with the Support of the Ledger Nano is to be able to S bully.

Minende WiFi Router

We look briefly at the end in the world of mining. By the way, with the current devices and earn money, is the post-modern man’s Version of the philosopher’s stone. After recently Canaan made with a mine TV and Quarnot with mine heaters of talk, coming from Bitmain now has two WiFi-routers on the market. The a may Dash, the second Siacoin mines. Whether with 300 MH/s or 12 GH/s, you can Dash profitable or Siacoin mines was now time to go. It is interesting to note, however, that in the current bear market, at least, of a future interest in such a “by the Way-Mining“stations is assumed.

So, that’s it for this week. You see: Bitcoin may fall below 6,000 US dollars, Ripple on the low value of the year, we are in a bear market. All Techies, to develop new protocols and new applications, as well as to make the networks more safely.

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