Scaffolding collapses during concert: more than 300 wounded

27781a2771496130cbf9b7bce5e03ed0 - Scaffolding collapses during concert: more than 300 wounded

During the festival O Marisquiño in the Spanish city of Vigois Sunday shortly before midnight a forty-metre-long wooden jetty collapsed. Hundreds of people fell into the water. According to the local government, there are more than three hundred wounded. Kill would not be there. /P>

The rapper Rels B from Mallorca had just started his gig, the final concert of the festival, when the construction which hundreds of spectators were standing, broke down. There were at least five serious injuries, but no one would be in danger condition.

According to the Galician minister of Health, Jesús Vázquez Almuiña, there are about 310 wounded. Local media speak of 212 or 213 wounded, among them many teenagers.

Too much weight?

It is still unclear why the scaffolding gave way, but he was not included in the weight of such a large mass. The chairman of the local port pointing to the concrete pillars as a possible cause of the collapse.

The fire department searched the place of the accident with thermal cameras, on the lookout for potential victims who are under the construction layers, but those fears proved to be unfounded.

O Marisquiño is a festival for music and extreme sports that a young audience. The highlight is a spectacular descent by mountainbike along the narrow alleys and stairs of the city.

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