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“Pay-tv have a negative influence on ratings F1”

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In more and more countries will disappear in the F1 behind the decoder and that affects the ratings in a negative way should big boss Chase Carey to admit.

Recent figures show that the viewing figures for Formula 1 with four percent have declined since the sport is in the hands of Liberty Media. The Americans write this loss, however, completely disappearing from the sport behind the decoder in Italy. In fact, if we Italy left let lie in the statistics of the ratings, there is an increase of three percent to see big boss Chase Carey.

“That decline is almost entirely attributable to the move of F1 to pay-tv channels in Italy,” said Carey. “Italy are left out of consideration, our ratings even with three percent, and on Saturday, they are even more increased.”

By moving to a different TV station in the United States, the ratings are sensitive increased also in China, we can a rise in the figures. There bags also more fans to the circuits for the Formula 1 live to see the work, according to Carey.

“The presence of fans at the circuits is increased by four percent on the ten circuits where last year a GP was like that,” Carey continued, referring to the first half of 2018. “And the number of spectators of the two races, which last year was not on the calendar were, Germany and France, have exceeded expectations.”

“In Germany there are even bleachers are built to meet the demand.”

Carey also wants to stress that there are more fans by the exciting long battle this year is between Hamilton and Vettel.

“Forty-four percent of the fans shows that they are more interested in F1 than in 2017, last year was only seven percent. Sixty-six percent of the fans is that the sport has improved gone is the past two years, while only fifteen percent feel that the sport is in decline is gone. Finally, find sixty-seven percent of the fans that the F1 is in good hands at Liberty Media and only ten percent will not,” said Carey.

This year, the income decreases by twenty-eight million dollars, but Liberty also invests more in the sport. It wants the F1 again to give a new impetus after the reign of Bernie Ecllestone which in a manner of speaking, every euro twice was turned before he was published.

Despite all the extra money that went to advertising and the digital media remain the however, the riders who are the largest banners of the Formula 1.

“We have strong brands and major teams but in the end it’s still the riders who are the key players to remain,” told Carey last week on the Italian Gazetta dello sport.

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