Norwegian politician for a flash cruise ship

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Svein Ingvald Opdal, a local politician for the Norwegian greens, leaves his engagement on holiday not at home. When he noticed how many cruise ships through the fjords, decided Opdal there in his half naked, against to protest.

The 71-year-old Svein Ingvald Opdal was just with his wife arrived in Olden, a town to the south of the Nordfjorden, when he on his hips. “We saw immediately three cruise ships pass’, complained the politician for the Norwegian Greens on the Norwegian state broadcaster NRK.

‘We heard later that there were a total of 11.000 visitors, ” says Opdal. “I’m not at all set up with that large cruise ships.’

Where cruise ships in Venice to be greeted by angry demonstrators with bengal fire, picked up the Norwegian politician, his protestations otherwise. He welcomed the arrival of the next ship that passed in the nude. “It was a spontaneous action, especially for pleasure.’

In Italian, Venice is already a large-scale protest at cruise ships and the tourism that they bring with them, but also elsewhere in Europe, the locals there have their belly full. So they came this summer on the street in the Spanish of the attractions of Barcelona and Mallorca and the Croatian Dubrovnik.

I protest!

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