“More than 100 British constituencies changed their camp and are against Brexit’

57f517248b0e05913ada7dcd4614b043 - "More than 100 British constituencies changed their camp and are against Brexit’

Voters in more than a hundred British constituencies, a total of 632, have changed their mind and no longer pro-brexit. They want to now in the European Union remain, according to a comprehensive analysis of The Observer. That means that the ‘Remain’camp now a majority has, according to the newspaper, an important role can come into play when later this year in the British parliament debate about the brexit.

The Observer, two YouGov poll to be analyzed, before and after the British prime minister, Theresa May her brexit proposal on 6 July published. The outcome of the polls was combined with data about the composition of the population.

It seems that in 112 districts, the mood has swung, from ‘Leave’ to ‘Remain’. That brings the total number of seats that would rather be in the EU wants to remain at 341, good for a majority of 53 percent.

According to the newspaper, it is mainly supporters of Labour who, in the referendum in 2016 before a withdrawal from the EU voted, which is now in doubt are beaten. This trend is greatest in the north of England and in Wales.

The press premier May, that the brexit agreement must be approved in the parliament, so. At the same time, there are also more and more voices for a new referendum to be organized. Vince Cable, leader of the Lib-Ms, made the case Saturday for greater cooperation between the different action groups. A campaign of The Independent order a new referendum to organize, got to 600,000 signatures.

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