Money problems bring Eurovision 2019 in Israel in danger

aea58893911222fb908c2d4a5ae71f8c - Money problems bring Eurovision 2019 in Israel in danger

The broadcast of the Eurovision song contest in 2019 in Israel is jeopardized. Reason is a financial dispute between the broadcast competent broadcaster, and the Israeli government. Both parties disagree on whom the costs for the Eurovision Song Contests of 2019 should wear. “We are still waiting for a response from the government,” said a spokeswoman of today. “Tuesday is our deadline”.

Then should a amount of twelve million euros as a guarantee be deposited with the organizer, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). Otherwise the Eurovision 2019 not in Israel can take place. “No money, no song contest in Israel”, is the clear statement in a letter from May to prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, said the spokeswoman. The cost for the event amount to a total of around 24 million euros.

The government argues, for its part, that May be the amount out of his budget should get or apply for a loan. That refuses Can, however, do. The budget has been exhausted, said the spokeswoman. A spokesman of Netanyahu wanted nothing quiet about the issue. Also the EBU wild for the time being, not to express on the subject.

The Israeli singers Netta had in may with her song “Toy” the Eurovision song contest in Portugal won. Therefore, the festival is in may 2019 normally seen in Israel held.

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