’Migrants on the Aquarius case of London’

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ROME – The refugees on board the reddingsschip Aquarius are a matter for London. The ship sails under the flag of Gibraltar, a British overseas territory, so Britain should care for the castaways, tweeted the Italian minister of Transport on Monday.

The aid organizations Doctors without Borders and SOS Méditerranée save Friday, 141 people, among whom were 67 unaccompanied children, for the coast of Libya from the sea. The Aquarius wait still permission a safe haven to walk in. Msf called on Monday European governments on such a port. The ship is now located to the west of Malta.

Italy follows, since the arrival of the new right-populist government a hard line towards migrants. In June refused to the land of the Aquarius and the ship was not welcome in Malta, although there are over six hundred refugees were on board. The migrants could end up in the Spanish port city Valencia of the board. Then was the ship for weeks in the port of Marseille.

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