Man dies in strandkuil

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Barbâtre – A 21-year-old man who has a pit dug on a French beach, has died.

Beach of Barbâtre on the Vendée

According to the local fire department of Barbâtre he was surprised by the quickly rising tide on the French Vendée beaches. The man got stuck and couldn’t get away.

Redingswerkers could him only in the course of the night, dig it up.

In the area of the island of Noirmoutier is a huge strong waves.

It is not yet known where the victim comes from.

On the French Vendée beaches are the waves huge, and the movement was huge. A tourist is in his strandkuil died.

Since 1 June there are daily twenty rescues performed. 251 (!) people died in those two months, report French media.

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