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Koen Naert will remain modest after the european CHAMPIONSHIPS-gold: “Financially? After my career yet again nurse”

bc196b7681c1259a9b41a5404040d47b - Koen Naert will remain modest after the european CHAMPIONSHIPS-gold: “Financially? After my career yet again nurse”

Koen Naert is overwhelmed by what there is after his gold medal in Berlin, all of them approaching him. I will take the images again at home, must view to realize what I’ve been up to. When I put the images I have seen, the awareness of something more to come. Currently I’m not all that good,” said the marathonwinnaar of the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in Berlin on Monday upon his arrival at the airport of Zaventem.

For he turned in his seat neervlijt, Naert the running shoes again attract. “The tiredness is all I feel, of course, that I a marathon I walked. Tonight I will be a half an hour to run loose to get that stiffness out of the muscles. Then followed three weeks of relative calm, in which I will try some pounds. I am currently very sharp, I would like a kilo or three to recover.”

Naert was at the airport by his family welcomed. “It is great that they are here, it is still a very important moment in my career. I think my son Finn was happy to have me back. I do not think that I am on a financial level, within am after winning this marathon. But that’s not necessary: I want after my career just to go back to work as a nurse,” said the 28-year-old Roeselarenaar. Also the Walloon topsportfederatie he wants after this European title just remain faithful: “I’m good where I’m sitting. I do get a lot of respect from the Walloon federation, which I think is very important. I get a lot of freedom.”

Topsport Vlaanderen

That he that respect is not got at Topsport Vlaanderen, wants Naert not have said. “There was a little bit different. I felt there was slightly more pressure, but that is simply the policy that they follow. I assume there is certainly something no one blame. The choices are made, the people could not then know what there is in Berlin would happen.” The congratulations of the Flemish minister of sport Philippe Muyters, who is on social media a lot of criticism reaped, took Naert so grateful to be in receipt. “I have absolutely no problem with him.”

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