Irate contractor demolishes five new houses with excavator

4520bf7aec80f06440db001fc8132edc - Irate contractor demolishes five new houses with excavator

Buntingford – An irate contractor has five brand new houses that he had just finished scrapped after a dispute with the new residents.

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The contractor went los, 5 houses of ’bad payers’

The 31-year-old Englishman picked up a large excavator and rammed the walls. According to witnesses, he drove loudly, smiling from one to the other house.

There was disagreement arise about the payment of 3 million euro. According to the contractor, he was owed money from the residents. The houses were almost ready and were about a few weeks to be involved.

The police has the builder was arrested. Bystanders say that he was completely calm was when he was in shackles was struck. Local residents were afraid that he and the rest of the neighborhood would go to demolish, but the man stated that he was only the defaulters wanted to take.

A witness told The Sun that the area looks now as if in an earthquake has occurred.

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