Hippo bites a tourist death in Kenya

5018dc026db2b01eac0002d89932995f - Hippo bites a tourist death in Kenya

In Kenya, a Chinese tourist during the shooting of hippos attacked by one of the heavyweights. The 66-man survived the attack. Report that the Kenyan authorities.

The tourist was pictures of the shoot at the Naivasha-lake, to the northwest of the capital Nairobi, when the animal saw him in the visor. The man was bitten by the hippo and died on the way to the hospital. A 62-year-old compatriot of the fatal victim was also attacked, but she came from with bruises. The hippo is by the park managers detected.

This year, attacked by attack hippos all six fatalities on the lake, which is popular with tourists. That could be due to the increased water level, making the hippos still further on the shore to graze and, even in the areas of hotels and bivouacs car in search of grass.

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