Girl (16) gang-raped, strangled and cut into pieces

057ab23c5f588eed4a2031c9255106df - Girl (16) gang-raped, strangled and cut into pieces

Magnitogorsk – An 18-year-old boy has a girl that he through social media had met, raped and murdered. He slashed her body with an axe into pieces, and threw them, scattered through the Russian city of Magnitogorsk, the road.

A prison (photo for illustration)

The 18-year-old Vladimir Sharov was through social media came in contact with the 16-year-old Maria Konnova. During one of their dates forced Vladimir to the girl, and then she threatened him with the police. So reports the Mirror.

To prevent this, he decided to join Maria, to kill him. He tied her up, strangled her, chopped her body into pieces, divided her body parts in plastic bags and threw it aside away from each other.

The body parts were only a week later found. The body of Maria was so beaten up that the police are her only by means of DNA analysis could identify.

Neighbors say that she is a girl heard screaming, but did not go to the police stepped.


When the 18-year-old perpetrator on the radar of the police appeared, he did have an attempt to get under the indictment come out by the do like he on that day sick in bed. He is now sentenced to a prison sentence of fourteen years.

During the hearing it was clear that Vladimir had a girl had been raped.

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