Former bikini-model-slaughter exorcist off

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Sydney – A former bikini model and actress is because her husband, who worked as an exorcist has been murdered.

Former bikini model, Raquel killed her friend off He would her children have been abused.

The Australian Raquel Hutchison sprayed him together with a former boyfriend, first with an antifungal agent from the bathroom in his face and then he literally got slaughtered.

A 9-year-old boy witnessed the brutal murder. He heard the 41-year-old Racquel a knife in her hand was shouting, ’confess or I kill you’, writes

The corpse of the man was a day later in the bushes, found. The name of the deceased is allowed in Australia will not be called to his children to protect.

The police discovered text messages from the two killers, in which the question was asked or antifungal spray if gif works. On the day of the murder send Raquel a message to mededader Wilkinson: ’Game on’.


The murderers were not really smart to work. There was blood of the deceased found in the car of the woman. Also on the clothing was blood. Also a meters long rope that is near the corpse lay, contained dna traces. From traces of burning on his body could be deduced that there is a taser on him was used. The victim was repeatedly beaten and eventually strangled.

The motive for the murder is still unclear. According to Raquel would be the dead of their children for many years have abused. “He was a dangerous man and a demons – and spokenjager in psychiatric establishments”. He also worked as an exorcist and did research into paranormal activity.

Three days before the murder would be the Australian their son even the throat have pulled and have counted down to zero before he released.

The Australian would have been otherwise borderline patient.

A long rope with blood stains and dna traces leading to the perpetrators

Even the murder weapon was found

Clothes full of blood of the victim and a car mat with a lot of dna material pointing in the direction of former bikinimodel Raquel

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