FBI agent that Trump is an idiot called, is fired

WASHINGTON – The U.s. recherchedienst FBI has Peter Strzok, a senior employee, who is arrogant about president Donald Trump had spoken, dismissed. The lawyer of Strzok has Monday been reported.

Peter Strzok (left) insulted Donald Trump.

According to the lawyer, Aitan Goelman is Strzok, on the initiative of vice-president David Bowdich of the FBI, the avenue from sent. Strzok had Trump in a text message, “being an idiot”. As a result of this message should Strzok not cooperate in the investigation of any Russian influence the American elections in 2016. That research is led by Robert Mueller.

According to Goelman was internal in the FBI not advised to Strzok to dismiss, but was introduced to the agent sixty days to suspend him less responsibilities.

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