Ex-employee Trump gives secret pictures free

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A former employee of the Us president, Donald Trump has a commotion ensured with secret audio recording. NBC News published Monday, a recording of a conversation that Manigault Newman said with a Trump lead.

In the phone call seems to be the president about her resignation surprise. The 44-year-old employee had previously been the recording of a conversation with Trumps chief of staff John Kelly in the White House about her resignation to the news conveyed. The conversation would be in the ‘Situation Room’ have taken place, the highly secured space in the White House, where secret conversations are happening.

In her book “Unhinged”, that is Tuesday, it must appear, from Manigault Newman also serious accusations at the address of Trump.

‘Mad’ and unfit

The American president himself took Monday hard out to his ex-employee. She was ‘mad’ and unfit, ” he wrote on Twitter. “She begged me with tears in her eyes, to give her a job to give, and I said okay. People in the White House hated her. She was mean, and not very bright’.

Trump had her rarely seen, but ‘really bad things’ about her heard, for example, that they are constantly meetings missed. Kelly told him that she was a ‘loser’ was and ankle problems, added Trump added. “I have told him that he, a solution had to be found, if that was possible, because they have only but great things about me told – until she was made redundant!’


Manigault Newman was known for her participation on Trumps show ” The Apprentice’. Later, she worked for him in his election campaign. After taking office gave the Republican its a communication function in the White House. They would be partially responsible for the image of Trump on the screws because Afro-Americans in the administration are underrepresented. According to American media reports knew other government officials not sure what her job exactly entailed. She made headlines when she, after her marriage in april 2017, unplanned with bruidsgasten in the White House appeared to take pictures.

In december 2017 held Manigault Newman in the White House for looking at. She denied that Kelly had been fired. In the sound recording is now to hear how the chief of staff tells her that he is her retreat from the White House want to speak. There are serious problems about her integrity. Manigault Newman said to NBC News that the interview was recorded in order to protect itself. She felt Kelly’s statements as a ‘threat’.

Contempt of national security

Trumps woordvoester Sarah Sanders had Sunday been working hard to put out to the former employee. ‘The idea that an employee of a tape recorder in the Situation Room of the White House binnensmokkelt, is a blatant disregard of our national security”, said Sanders. That Manigault Newman now, on television with it is proud, it shows once more that they have a lack of character and integrity, she added.

Omarosa, as they are generally called, had her first political job in the office of former vice president Al Gore, who her in the late nineties prematurely removed from his administration .

In her book accuses Manigault Newman allegedly Trump also of racism. According to The Guardian she calls Trump ‘a racist, a fanatic and a vrouwenhater’. But according to The Washington Post, she has serious allegations due to lack of evidence is not hard to make. The White House has already distanced themselves from the book.

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