Everyone has the images seen, and so there will be a process

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In the Russian city of Jaroslavl, there are six prison guards go because they are an inmate have tortured. The process would probably never have taken place, as the images of the torture is not made public. The advocate the video to a newspaper gave is fled abroad.

It is the struggle of a few brave women that led to the trial against some of the prison guards, of Jaroslavl, I-1. In that ‘correctiekolonie’ was Yevgeny Makarov tortured because he the guards …

It is the struggle of a few brave women that led to the trial against some of the prison guards, of Jaroslavl, I-1. In that ‘correctiekolonie’ was Yevgeny Makarov tortured because he the guards insulted. Plenty of media showed the images, which is pretty violent.

According to the critical newspaper Novaya Gazeta found Makarov after an unannounced searched his cell a letter to his mother on the ground. Makarov was no modelgevangene: he smoked in places where it should not, refused sometimes the mandatory work to do and had insulted the prison staff. The boss of the institution found out that he was a lesson earned. Makarov was seriously taken in hand by a group of guards: they beat with sticks on the soles of his feet, kieperden buckets of water on him and pulled his pants off.

According to mensenrechtendeskundigen continue such torture usually under the radar in Russia. But this ‘punishment’ was recorded on video. The advocate of a other inmate gave the images on 20 July to Novaya Gazeta. The video lasts ten minutes. When Makarov, the trigger of the pain, says a security guard: “What? We are only now beginning’.

The images of the torture caused a commotion in Russia. A few days after the publication became known that the six guards have been arrested and in court to be sued. The mensenrechtencommissaris, Tatiana Moskalkova, has promised the case to follow.

Already years ago

At first glance, the rule of law so as to triumph: the prison guards are on the mat is called. But there is a number of angels to the story. There are suspicions that the government is only acting because the video of the torture public is made.

The movie took all of 29 June 2017, more than a year ago. When Makarovs lawyer, Irina Biroekova, noticed that he was martyred – he had wounds in his face and on his legs – she had immediately lodged a complaint. The investigative committee refused when the case to see, because they are, according to the critical news website Meduza, “no abuse had been discovered’. Happened so nothing further with the complaint. In colony I-1 undertook a Mission several suicide attempts, according to his lawyer because he was no longer against the violence.

Good worked

That the torture is included, it is in itself bizarre. Last weekend, reported Novaya Gazeta that the images had to serve as proof for the prison guards. Thus they could make their captains show that they are the rebellious inmate until the order had called. Some of the warders would be the judicial investigators have said that they know that torture is illegal, but that they feared for their job if they have the orders from the boss not followed. Those orders were: “everyone contributes to the beating of Makarov’.

It is also clear that such punishments are not exceptional. Another prisoner, Rusan Vachapov, who in the meantime released, to the court in Jaroslavl drawn to the prison guards to sue. The British newspaper The Guardian , he tells us that he is every man in the video knows. Was he rested left in I-1, after he filed a complaint after beatings in the prison of Roebinsk. ‘The use of violence is widespread, ” he says to the newspaper. ‘Usually they try to give as little as possible leave a trace on your face. They beat with sticks on your body, your neck, ribs, buttocks, and in the kidney area.’ When Makarov was martyred, there was loud music on, so that his cries drowned out were. But when he was back in his cell, he screamed in the night that he was so severely abused, that he blood peeing, reminds Vachapov.

Threatened with death

It was the mother of Rusan Vachapov that for the first mention made of the torture in the prisons. After her son severely beaten up was in Roebinsk, she was, from her village in the countryside, an action is commenced to the mothers of the other prisoners, using the internet to inform you of the poor treatment in the prisons. So she came, through the human rights organization Public Verdict, lawyer Irina Biroekova. She was the one that the video in her possession. The day became known that the guards continued would be, was in the village a vial cracked, tells the mother of Vachapov to the British newspaper The Times.

Irina Biroekova played the video through to Novaya Gazeta and slammed then on the flight. After death threats, she found it better to be with her sixteen-year-old daughter to leave the country. Amnesty International asks for her protection.

Solitary confinement

According to the Russian channel RT has also Jeveni Makarov protection. After the images of his torture on the internet came up, brought the authorities with him to another prison. Human rights organization Public Verdict reports on Facebook that he is in the new prison in solitary confinement. He would have refused to go to the toilets while a camera is capturing all of his movements recorded.

The UN human rights commission last week Friday an explanation about the torture of Makarov asked to the Russian government. “Despite many reliable reports of torture, those responsible are rarely prosecuted or is them just abuse of power at the expense laid’, says a member of the commission to Reuters. Chairman Jens Modvig has the impression that the gevangenisstelsel in Russia a life of their own leads, without any control from the outside.

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