Especially tegendemonstranten at alt-rightprotest

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WASHINGTON – A demonstration of alt-right in the American capital, Washington, is being eclipsed by tegendemonstranten. Sunday evening in the vicinity of the White House at least twenty rechtsnationalisten together. The discussions were at times heated, but riots did not.

The alt-rightbetogers were met by hundreds of tegendemonstranten, who has spent a day in Washington had gathered. The two groups were by a large police force at a distance from each other. After a number of speeches turned the rechtsnationalisten about two hours after arriving home.

The organizers of the alt-rightdemonstratie ’Unite the Right 2 ” were hoping to advance at about four hundred demonstrators. The proof, they wanted to actually be in Charlottesville in Virginia, but there was no permission for granted.

In Charlottesville ran last year, a meeting of rechtsnationalisten out of hand. A rechtsextremist drove his car into a group of tegendemonstranten. A woman came thereby around the life, and there were 35 wounded.

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