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EK-heroes landed in Brussels: the grand future of Sacoor and “goose bumps” when Bashir Abdi (but not for themselves)

565b1ae9e3fd82969ec9c3f344fbbd8f - EK-heroes landed in Brussels: the grand future of Sacoor and “goose bumps” when Bashir Abdi (but not for themselves)

A large part of the Belgian delegation of the european CHAMPIONSHIP of athletics in Berlin, landed Monday afternoon at the airport of Zaventem. Thirty athletes, including medal winners Bashir Abdi, Koen Naert and the Belgian Tornados were around 15h00 in the arrivals hall, welcomed with a bouquet of flowers on behalf of the Flemish and Walloon athletics federation.

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“This is one of our finest victories ever”, says Jonathan Borlée, the victory of the Belgian Tornados in the 4×400 metres. The victory gave him more satisfaction than his individual bronze medal. “There were a lot of good teams, but despite the heavy competition we have achieved.” His brother Kevin, however, wanted not to speak of the most beautiful title ever: “Each title will taste different.”

Who also praised was the young Jonathan Sacoor, the revelation of the four. “I hope that he one day will surpass,” said Jonathan Borlée. “He has so much talent. If he on that momentum continues, there is a big future for him to play.” Borlée see Sacoor as the man that him and his brothers, finally an olympic medal can help. “Tokyo 2020 is already in our head. With him there we make sure opportunity to score.”

The 18-year-old Sacoor said also to have enjoyed the european CHAMPIONSHIP. “I’m stikkapot, but it was worth it. That I better than them? That I don’t get on my lips. Guests are already ten years and are still at the top of the world. I can only dream of such a level to pick up,” says Sacoor, who for his studies soon, perhaps, to the United States attracts. “Athletics is of a still different level, that I would also like to experience.”

Bashir Abdi, who won a silver medal in the 10,000 metres, was proud that he was the first Belgian to a medal won at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS. “Or I therefore, for a boost I made for the other athletes? If I have a gold medal had been won, that boost has been greater,” says the athlete of Somali origin, who are eyes quite a bit cost gave at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS. “The marathon of Koen Naert I have seen. That gave me from the beginning to the end gives you goose bumps.”

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