Directors call for the “act fast” for Oleg Sentsov

80cc99011e12f62971fe374f436e4d63 - Directors call for the "act fast" for Oleg Sentsov

More than a hundred personalities, among whom the Belgian director Jean-Pierre Dardenne, calling to “act quickly” to the Ukrainian filmmaker Oleg Sentsov, “not to die”. Sentsov is in Russia in the prison and has been for nearly three months on hunger strike.

“His state of health seems day after day the dangerous backward. One must do something. And one must quickly do something,” said the signatories of an opinion piece on the website of the French newspaper Le Monde. Among them are the French minister of Culture, Françoise Nyssen and the directors Jean-Luc Godard, Ken Loach, Michel Hazanavicius, Jacques Audiard, Costa-Gavras, and David Cronenberg.

“Do not occur means that Oleg Sentsov let die. Then we would go against our values and principles, against which we defend and against who we are. It would mean that we tolerate someone because of his ideas, his opinions, his opinions being killed. The way he is treated is an attack on the freedom of expression and freedom of creation. That we should not accept,” said the signatories.

“It is urgent and necessary for Russia to find a solution for this situation, not only on humanitarian but also on a political level”, sounds the yet. The signatories ask that not only France, but also the entire international community, of the European Union to the United Nations, must mobilise to get answers.

The French president Emmanuel Macron did Friday various proposals to his Russian colleague Vladimir Putin to the urgent need for a humanitarian solution to be found for the director.

Sentsov, an opponent of the annexation of the Crimea by Russia in 2014, was sentenced to a prison sentence of 20 years for terrorism and the arms trade. The conviction followed a trial that human rights organization Amnesty International as a “stalin’s” purview.

His lawyer stated last week that Sentsov “ready to die”, and that the 42-year-old Sentsov 30 kilograms lost since the captivity, and heart problems. The Russian prison services have stated that the Sentsovs condition after three months of hunger strike as “satisfactory”.

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