Dana Winner, Helmut Lotti and Natalia coach in The Voice of Senior

b2e6339d38bac5a91487181131d36b51 - Dana Winner, Helmut Lotti and Natalia coach in The Voice of Senior

Not only Walter Grootaers, but also three other top artists spin their chair soon for the musical talent of over 60 years of age. Dana Winner, Helmut Lotti and Natalia will Walter to accompany the well-known Voice-chairs, but at the same time to compete for the best team to put together. That made Helmut Lotti just themselves well-known in the ochtendshow of Sven Ornelis and Anke Buckinx on Joe. Thus, the 4 coaches of The Voice Senior all now known and know 60-somethings with a strong voice by whom they soon may be coached. You can register quickly via The recording of the Voice Senior to go this fall and start.

With their bell of a voice and several years of experience in the counter forms Dana, Helmut, and Natalia the ideal coaches for The Voice Senior, in addition to Walter Grootaers. The guidance of the top shelf is with this four a certainty. “I’m not a judge or coach, but The Voice of Senior, seems to me now something for me”, says Helmut Lotti. “I am very much looking forward to having that strong knarren club in a repertoire of diving which I really love. The people who will have to audition to come and do, have all a story and that certainly helps with a number of credible to put down. I want them to help you.”

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