Bruno Wyndaele: ‘the fat of the soup’

e16a98943657ba40139db095840949ca - Bruno Wyndaele: 'the fat of the soup'

Bruno Wyndaele said Monday in The Newspaper his first midlife crisis at its thirtieth to have had. “Then I thought: the fat of the soup. For a piece that is so. The time is short, so I try things I don’t like to do in my life to delete. It will sound strange, but for example I am stopped with the press to follow. Once I was the best informed person you could encounter. That was also if you have programs such as The Last Show. Now I read only one newspaper and no magazines. I do not look more to duidingsprogramma. All the misery where you is nothing you can do. In the past I was able to process through The Last Show, now not more. So I spend the time that I uitspaar to the people who are really important in my life. My wife, children, my parents, who I fortunately still have both of you.”

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