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Brave Browser: tip for Twitter and Reddit users

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The Post on Twitter and Reddit, which many of us now regularly and free of charge – do, could be a source of revenue. The Brave Browser, it should be possible to give users of Twitter and Reddit “Crypto-tipping”. So be diligent Poster of a small, could also benefit in addition to earnings. But how would that work exactly?

The Brave Browser has done away with its Micropayments a name. Instead of focusing on large-scale advertising content, be Content to reward creators with small payments in crypto-currencies. So users will not be spared just before the annoying advertising, you also retain control over their personal data. These innovations brought the Brave Browser in June of this year, in the twelfth place of the most important Tech Startups. Now the Browser goes one step further and announced that users of Twitter and Reddit for the possibility for your favorite drinking posters money to blame.

Tips for Posts

The browser built-in crypto-currency Basic Attention Token (BAT) was developed with the aim of, the digital advertising industry for the benefit of the user and to improve the content creators. According to Brave payments sent previously, website owners, YouTube Stars, and Twitch Streamer. On the platform, thousands of Websites and YouTube channels are already registered, including the Washington Post, The Guardian and YouTube Star Philip DeFranco. Now the Browser Start-up is planning to introduce this System to those to extend the post on Twitter and Reddit. So, the company said, according to CCN:

“The model will distribute the tip – a user likes a Tweet, and the tweet ends of the BAT, and, optionally, even tweeting that he has been drinking money.”

Drinking send money and receive, you have to activate the payment system in the settings of the browser. The involvement of Reddit and Twitter in the Browser works like the existing support for YouTube channels, Twitch streamers, and Websites. The Feature is expected to be in the 4. Quarter of 2018 to appear.

In June of this year, the Brave Browser tested a System, the user should pay for the See of advertising content. With “Brave Ads” pay advertisers to target Ads. Users that choose to see the advertisements, be rewarded for their attention. The earned tokens can then be used in turn to support Content creators.

If Twitter and Reddit users will be able to with the tipping system, hardly a Golden nose earn. It might, however, make use of a good incentive for many Social Media Active, the the Browser yet. Currently, the Browser, according to the developer, over 3 million active users. Up to the end of the year, it will be another 5 million.

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