Boris Johnson refuses to accept ‘burqas-questions’ in front yard: “Someone a cup of tea?”

aaa8c371b85854acf1062e71d4613957 - Boris Johnson refuses to accept 'burqas-questions' in front yard: "Someone a cup of tea?"

OXFORDSHIRE – Boris Johnson refuses to say anything about his controversial burqa-column in an English newspaper. For a horde of gathered reporters in front of his home in Oxfordshire had the prominent ex-minister of Foreign Affairs Sunday, however, has a surprise in store. The politician of the Conservative Party, shared cups of tea out to the press, but was silent in all keys over the column.

The ex-minister has written that people in a burqa look like a “mailboxes” and “bank robbers.” That led to complaints that are now being investigated by the Conservative Party.

Very impressed seems Johnson. He came out in his Sunday garb, with colorful swim trunks and joked with the press. For his nose, a large tray with huge cups of tea. “You are here now for the whole day to wait and I have learned to do with you. I am here for you, on a humanitarian mission. Who wants to have a cup of tea?”

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’Research to burqa-column Boris Johnson

Johnson wrote in an article does not have to be in favor of a boerkaverbod, but drove the spot with the garment. He is now the accused does not comply with the code of conduct of the ruling party to have held. A committee should feel about his comments bend. The former mayor of London can, in extreme cases, from the party.

The politician stepped in last month as minister. He found that the Brexitplannen of prime minister Theresa May is not far enough left.

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