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He presented a Radio Tour and The Mol, was at the cradle of FOUR, and is often convinced that he wasn’t really can. ‘In the media, you will find a lot more insecure people than at the box office of the Delhaize.’

The large majority of us – up to 70 percent even – has the feel of a scammer. That we have the success that we know don’t deserve it. Sooner or later we will through the basket …

The large majority of us – up to 70 percent even – has the feel of a scammer. That we have the success that we know don’t deserve it. Sooner or later we will through the basket to fall and everyone will see that we are actually cheaters. The Standard speaks with Flemish leaders about the imposter syndrome (oplichterssyndroom), the doubt and the criticism. Today: Gilles De Coster.

‘I like to talk about imposter syndrome great charming, because I think a lot of people feel this way. Vendors, presenters, athletes, … You ask you regularly how it’s possible that no one finds out that you actually can’t do anything?’

“When I was fifteen, I thought that I was on my 35th would understand how the world works. But now? I know zero is the bones, really nothing. As I about ten to fifteen years, one of the longest-serving staff that the supposedly all know will be, then I will still know nothing. That is not a problem. We are really all morons, without exception. I find that comforting: I am not the only one.’

If you think that you are a duffer, then you ‘The Mole’ but it’s not present?

‘After the lapse of time sinks that feeling away – I know that I am The Mole, can be present and I have no stress and more for a voetbaluitzending. Yet, I am still beset by the question: can I really so much, that they me all this trust? I think that’s pretty universal. However, work is nowhere more uncertain than all the people in the media, because the world is to each other, depends of the facades. In the media you find many of the more insecure people than at the box office of the Delhaize.’

How did you deal with the criticism when you began with ‘The Morning’?

“We were the dirt of the street, laden with all the sins of Israel. That was really intense criticism, both internally and externally. Was a part, but a part also. Then We just continued working, and two years later, we were suddenly the best duo of all time. That is of course just as big a load of crap. The whole experience is a good lesson about how you can evolve. That helps keep everything in perspective. I was only quite young to have to deal with them, 25 I think.’

The transition from VRT to Woestijnvis and Four was not without a fight …

‘This launch is not turned out as we had hoped for. We received a lot of criticism, I stood in the corner where the blows fell. Nevertheless, we have done our best, though we have still made mistakes. But if you don’t try, life is not as fun and not as exciting. E, we have also learned from. Things are now stabilized.’

If you have a popular program presents, you get a lot of comments, but also undoubtedly a lot of compliments.

“I try with compliments in the same way to deal with criticism. Tv and radio blow that unnatural hard on, everything is out of balance pulled. Or see the people you love, because you are on tv, either they can’t stand it because you are on tv. That has nothing to do with who I am. A compliment from a co-worker is completely different: their praise, and their criticism, I take well to heart.’As The Mole runs, look I love to see the reactions on social media. Not only for the conspiracy theories, but also because it is very funny. Then you things about yourself, both positive and negative. Sometimes overlaps with who I am, but usually goes about Gilles, the tv figure. That file I put into the tank, in the line I pull me there nothing from on.’That whole radiogeschiedenis has also helped me to be a olifantenvel to grow. That grows course, it is a skill that you must learn. Exercise helps, but I especially relax when I cook. During the walk, I’ll stick tossing and turning. Furthermore, you should especially enough to live next to your work, and that is at least as important. And humor: if I am uncertain feel, I make a few jokes about myself. My colleagues know perfectly what I mean.’

What connection is there between viewing figures and self-confidence?

‘Total no. I wear also never had a program with my whole personality. It doesn’t really matter whether I’m The Mole, present, or someone else. Now, if I’m a personalityshow would make, “The Great Gilles De Coster Show”, then it would be more hurt for them to be settled.’

As with Karen and The Coster?

‘That bore my name, and there was, indeed, more of me, and Karen. Actually, I would have liked a second series made, because we drove had can get. But I don’t have it as a personal defeat to be considered that we are not half a million viewers took. Before that, I have too much to learn.’

Also typical for the imposter syndrome: the feeling that you are lucky to have, that your position is not self-earned.

‘I keep me wonder about the role of chance and coincidence. If I do a stage decorated with the VRT, then had Tom Lenaerts me, not heard on The Morning, he would not be asked to participate in Woestijnvis, and then I was not in Four chunks. Had Michiel De Vlieger not suggested that I The Mol would be present. It all goes over small jumps, which you not always can provide it.’Also, you must dare to jump: I was safe and happy at Radio 1, so join in with Woestijnvis was a risk. The Mol back to life was a risk. But by risicoavers, you will achieve nothing. Between “I want radiojournalist be” and “I want The Mole to present”, is a world of difference. I kiss my pollekes that it is so run is: the greatest happiness, is also an imposter, it is with much pleasure to go to work.’

Do we not all better off than we are?

‘Behind each woke up like this selfie are a instagramhusband and three men with mascara. I post to the month of something, and each time I ask myself whether it is interesting enough. A man does is always better than it is in reality, we are also now. That also stems from self-preservation. You set everything just a little nicer than it is, you do not say that it sucks, that you have the whole day to have surrendered and that you are depressed. You must therefore learn to look: anyone on with a bad head and think “Fuck, I’m not doing well”.’

Tomorrow: Pascale Naessens

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