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Batwoman is not gay enough

Batwoman is not gay enough

The Australian actress Ruby Rose has her Twitter profile shut down after heavy criticism on her role as Batwoman. Rose is the first lesbian lead actress in a superheldenreeks. But not everyone was in agreement.

The LGBTQ community is a role model poorer. Who the genderfluïde’ actress Ruby Rose (32) wants to follow on social media is coming for the effort. In her last post on Twitter, two days after the announcement of the new series, she says that she has her account shut down in order to be better able to concentrate on her work. In her role as Batwoman, for example, in the DC Comic series in late 2018 or early 2019, it will appear on The CW Network.

When Batwoman in 2006 re-introduced in the seventh number of the strikreeks, she was no longer the wife of Batman. Batwoman retained the name Kate, but it appeared now the lesbian right hand of Batman. Who the role wanted to play, had also a lesbian. Ruby Rose would be a perfect choice. But that is not everyone.

‘Ruby is not a lesbian and so she can be Batwoman, not play, ” wrote a fan on Twitter. Quite a few people do not seem to be aware of Roses orientation. Nevertheless, she is not a new face. They became internationally known as Stelle Carlin in the third Netflix series Orange is the new black in 2015. Prior to this she was already well known in her homeland, Australia, as a fashion model and television host.

Already in 2015, she talked openly about her sexual orientation in the American Elle. “I feel not a real woman, but I’m clearly born as a woman. I sit somewhere in the middle, and that means – in my imagination – that I’m the best of the two genders in me. I have a lot of traits that you normally seen more in men than in women see. But still I pull a skirt on, like now.’

In her very last tweet responding Rose on the critical fan: ‘This must be the funniest tweet ever. I came already on my twelfth from the cabinet. The last five years, I get constantly told that I am too gay.” Now it turns out they are not gay enough.

“Who me still wants contact, I will have to make the call on my Batphone’, she joked. And was away on her account.

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