This is the man that passenger plane stable and stunts above Seattle uithaalde

115f0e6299cc385669e97e196ff1eea5 - This is the man that passenger plane stable and stunts above Seattle uithaalde

SEATTLE – It is still unclear what the 29-year-old man possessed that Friday, in Seattle, an empty passenger plane stable, there are stunts involved uithaalde and eventually crashed. According to American media, it would go to Richard Russel, a grondsteward without a pilot’s license, which is already 3.5 years in the service of air carrier Horizon Air.

If grondsteward helped Russel, among others, the bagageafhandelaars. He was also partly responsible for the drag of the aircraft. For Russel to his turbulent flight could begin, he also first with a special vehicle the device in the correct direction rotated to be able to rise.

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According to a former colleague who was Russel quiet and well-liked by his colleagues. In a video earlier on YouTube is posted, tells Russell what his work as a grondsteward means. He says that many of the bags have to lift, but that there is fun things opposite, after a number of trips abroad is shown. “In the end compensates for it together,” ends he the video.

Experience from video games

On Twitter are audio clips to hear the man in conversation with the control tower. From that conversation it appears that the man his flying experience has been gained through the computer and he makes a confused and desperate to impress. The air traffic controller, try the man to help with the countries, but that does not work. Eventually crashes, he on Ketron Island, where the plane a piece of wood in flames.

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