The Zomert With…Bart Peeters

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Next Monday you can One watch the first episode of the sunny talk show The zomert with…,Host Bruno Wyndaele first guest is the ever energetic Bart Peeters received. Bart takes Bruno to the summers of his youth
Bart tells in The zomert with… about his beautiful and nostalgic childhood memories of Heist-Aan-Zee. He talk openly about the loss of his good friend (and lead singer of The Radios), Robert Mosuse, that the last months of his life spent. “Perhaps it is my melancholy to Heist-Aan-Zee, melancholia also to Robert Mosuse. Everyone is mortal, but if this happens on your thirtieth, in the fleur of your life…”

He looks with a warm feeling back on his jeugdvakanties and there were picnics along the highway. “Our whole life was a fairy tale. So really a picnic along the highway and then said to our father: ‘Look at all those people rushing to but as soon as possible in the south to get to the hotel and we just sit along the side of the road to have a picnic.’ ”

During his vacations he made Bart also beautiful drawings he made tonight for the first time. But his love for drawing made sure he was on a journey, not always the perfect boyfriend: “Anneke asked, we are going to do something today? Our early relationship was challenged by that sign.” About his children, says Bart: “The most difficult thing in the world of showbiz is as a performer, your own children for you to win.”

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