Technofeest Zurich attracts 1 million visitors

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ZURICH – The 27th edition of the Street Parade in the Swiss city of Zurich has a million people on the streets. More than 200 djs and musicians gave acte de présence at the event, which is considered as one of the largest techno parties in the world.

Among them was the German technoster Paul Kalkbrenner, that the festival opened. On eight large stages and 28 muziektrucks – known as Love Mobiles – fun, the dj’s, the crowds. All the artists of the Street Parade played for free.

According to the emergency services this weekend, two serious incidents occurred in Zurich. A young man jumped from a bridge and ran head injuries. Another man fell from a great height, and also had to go to a clinic. Paramedics took certainly 160 visitors with complaints after alcohol or drug use.

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