Strange summer for Peter Van de Veire

5b49cae64bd34167dcbe6939e82ab976 - Strange summer for Peter Van de Veire

Peter Van De Veire tells The Newspaper that he was an atypical summer experience. “In the past twenty years, I always had a lot to do dj sets, Café Flamand (are liedjesprogramma with Miguel Wiels, ed.). I flew from one to the other. All a lot of fun. But I got no time to myself. And now it is. In previous years, propte I’m all full and I fell flat as I got home. Now I say: it is not very to close to folds and the caravan in the garage.” Peter says that however, not quite cool. “The first day is still. But then I start to walk around, things to clean up. And it starts to grind in my head. Is it true what I do? Where we live? Or what if tomorrow it stops? I would really peace want to find. I long for the moment where I no longer doubt.”

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