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Stoffel Vandoorne takes on holiday with more ‘Horse Power’

097332b939d353507e265778a6dad49b - Stoffel Vandoorne takes on holiday with more 'Horse Power'

During the summer break in Formula 1 is Stoffel Vandoorne on holiday in the Greek islands. Our fellow went in there looking for more ‘Horse Power’ …

The McLaren F1 team continues in spite of the switch from the Honda engine to the Renault engine have a hard time. Every hp extra is welcome, though of course there are also a lot of problems with the F1 car, that Stoffel Vandoorne will drive.

During his holiday on the Greek islands was our countryman some extra ‘Horse Power’ …

Fans of Vandoorne let him quickly know that he is at a ‘donkey’ and not on a horse.


Found me some horsepower…

A message shared by Stoffel Vandoorne (@svandoorne) on 10 Aug 2018 at 6:58 (PDT)

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