Organization flooded youth camp sued

e40df65b9e15300c22ba970551e266b5 - Organization flooded youth camp sued

NIMES – The French justice has the organization of a German youth camp that Thursday by a flood, was affected indicted. Justice suggests that the two men are the life of the 120 children at risk.

Their campsite in Saint-Julien-de-Peyrolas in the region of Gard was illegal, and the two knew that the rising water at that place could be dangerous. Another 70-year-old companion is still missing. The mayor would management have been warned to be alert on the water level of the river.

One of the two men has a short time in the cell sitting. The two may Gard not leave as long as the criminal investigation runs. The encampment must be within two weeks to be demolished.

The members of the youth association from Leverkussen Sunday returned to Germany.

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