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Nobel laureate in literature V. S. Naipaul died

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The British writer and nobel laureate for Literature V. S. Naipaul died. The man was 85 years of age.

“He was a giant in what he achieved and he died in the company of his loved ones. He lived a life of great creativity and effort’, says his wife Nadira Naipaul.

Vidiadhar Surajprasad Naipaul was born on 17 August 1932 on the Caribbean island of Trinidad, in a family of Indian origin. Thanks to a scholarship he could at the age of 18 to study at Oxford. There he met his first wife, Patricia Hale, whom he samenbleef to her in 1996.

After a few years in which he was active as a journalist for the British media started Naipaul novels to write. The first played in Trinidad. Then exploreerde he Africa, Asia and Latin America. His impressions he explained in addition to novels stuck in reports and essays.

Plain and clear language

In ‘An area of darkness in 1964 (in English: “A domain of darkness”) he analyzed critically the human relationships in India, the land of his ancestors. In ‘Among the believers: an islamic journey’ from 1981 (‘believers’) he showed himself islamkritisch. The novel ‘A bend in the river’ from 1979 (“A bend in the river’) is about the chaos and the dictatorships in African countries that were independent become.

Naipauls strength were his plain and clear language, his thorough research and his meticulous observations. Queen Elizabeth II struck him in 1990 to knight. In 2001, he received the Nobel prize for Literature. He also received the Man Booker Prize in 1971 for In a free state’ (‘state of freedom’).

Critics accused V. S. Naipaul arrogant and coarse. He would the world, especially from the point of view of the colonial authority.

In 2008 appeared the authorized biography The world is what it is’ (‘The world is what it is’). The British literary scholar Patrick French describes little flattering in how the nobel prize winner, his first wife and his long beloved for decades and humiliated.

In his late work, in novels such as ‘Half a life’ from 2001 (‘half A life’) and ‘Magic seeds’ from 2004, treated V. S. Naipaul once again the topics of identity and displacement. The world-famous writer leaves his second wife Nadira and daughter.

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