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Niki Lauda’s state of health continues to raise questions

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The reports about the health status of triple F1 champion Niki Lauda continues to cause confusion.One moment it seemed the state of Lauda very good, and then moments later a whole lot to deteriorate. Currently would be Lauda, however, are stable.

After the alarming reports about the state of health of Niki Lauda the beginning of last week, where he is in danger of death wrong, were there middle of last week from the Viennese hospital where the triple F1 champion a lung transplant underwent positive messages.

A few days later, there were, however, alarming reports about the condition of Niki Lauda. Thursday and Friday would be the condition of Lauda deteriorated.

“Where at the beginning of this week the message was that all organs working properly, is there currently a problem with a kidney. Lauda depends on the dialysis,” reported ‘OE 24’.

The body of Niki Lauda would be in addition to the lung that is transplanted, it was still not accepted.

“The risk of rejection is the first year the greatest,” was Dr. Peter Jaksch by ‘OE 24, as quoted.

Today it sounded a lot more positive. According to ‘OE 24’ would be the condition of Niki Lauda, meanwhile, increased again and he would of the kidney are removed. Lauda would even again be able to speak.

Lauda would still be at the department of intensive care, but would, however, with physical therapy and breathing exercises began.

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