New natural fire expels Greek villagers

e136328bb601500c356f97eb051575df - New natural fire expels Greek villagers

ATHENS – the Greek island of Evia (Euboia), off the coast of Attica north of Athens, Sunday, two villages evacuated due to a natural fire. The authorities said that the inhabitants of Kontodespoti and Stavros as a precaution in safety.

By the thick clouds of smoke, see the sunset in Athens there are currently very different.

In July, it took a conflagration in the neighbourhood of the Greek capital, 94 people’s lives. That drama in Mati forced prime minister Alexis Tsipras be prime minister of Protection of Population and the heads of fire brigade and police force to replace.

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Also, he announced the demolition of thousands of illegal constructions. In the resulting maze of streets were many victims not receive a good shelter.

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