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Never previously performed in Belgium as strong in a european CHAMPIONSHIP athletics: ‘At the right time peak’

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The Belgian delegation to leave the european CHAMPIONSHIPS of athletics in Berlin with six medals. Never-before-performed our country so strong at a European championship.

‘We can only superlatives to use, after this european CHAMPIONSHIP. The Belgian team at the right time peak’, Stéphanie Noël, topsportcoördinatrice in the French-speaking Atletiekliga (LBFA). ‘For the EC targeted in two or three medals, for this result, I had immediately signed.’

Noël: ‘Bashir Abdi has with his silver in the 10,000 m immediately the good way will be shown. Despite the fact that he is so far in the championships not always managed to perform, we took him as a medaillekandidaat. After gold at the Olympics in Rio and gold at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS in London was Nafi Thiam is the favorite on the internet. She has shown that she is a great champion, even though she was cornered.’

Kevin and Jonathan Borlée (respectively silver and bronze in the 400m, ed.) have some difficult years in the individual competitions, behind the back, also, their preparation was disrupted, ” Noël. “But in the series you saw that she is there much sense of it. We had no high expectations, but you felt that they to something were able. The Belgian Tornados were a favorite for the gold and have their status verified, despite the competition from Spain and Great Britain.’

Surprising Koen Naert

‘The gold of Koen Naert on the marathon is a surprise, but we were convinced that he was a medal could address. We knew that one day he will be faster than 2 hours and 10 minutes would pass, and that he has done here in a fantastic kampioenschapsrecord. And in addition, we may be sure the many young athletes in our selection will not forget, they have nearly all of their season confirmed.’

Noël is since 2014 started as a topsportcoördinatrice at the LBFA, but on 27 August, she starts a new adventure with ADEPS, the French counterpart of Sport in Flanders. ‘After four years in this function, there is no better way to say goodbye’, she concludes.

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