Netta on Antwerp Pride

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It was this weekend, the Antwerp Pride and the Contest winner, She was in our country. She is, after all, has become a gay icon. Since the festival is her life turned upside down. “I was this week for three days at home, and that was quite a shock,” she said in Gazet Van Antwerpen. “I genuinely love the flowers in my garden, but they are all broken, after three months there is not to worry about. That makes me sad. I am also a real family – and vriendenmens. All of them three months to miss, that was very difficult for me. But I am not, of course, because I have the privilege to so many. That my life is such a complete upheaval would know, I had never expected. I am constantly traveling and I usually have no idea of what city I am or what language I should speak. And I trip from one room to the other stage. So it’s definitely not all moonlight and roses.”

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