Mother that glass of wine drank on the way to Dubai, home

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DUBAI – The mother who, after drinking a glass of wine in a plane the line was in a hard confrontation with the authorities in Dubai, should go home. That report English media.

Ellie and her daughter Bibi.

After a quarrel about her visa, confessed them to the customs authorities that they have a glass of wine had drunk on the way to the desert kingdom. The 44-year-old woman disappeared and then three days behind bars with her daughter (4).

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Mother drinks a glass of wine in plane, together with the daughter cell, in

The woman, a dentist Ellie Holman, has telephone been told that they need not fear for further persecution. “I couldn’t believe it when I heard it. Here must be something behind it, I thought. But it turned out really true,” says Holman.

The government of Dubai has, after all the fuss decided her tickets to pay. According to English media has sheikh Mohammed of Dubai, personally intervened in the case. For Dubai, that each year more than 17 million visitors, tourism is an important source of income.

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