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Have construction workers accidentally a second Egyptian sphinx discovered?

619eb3e69f312f36eb43c68a551d0c14 - Have construction workers accidentally a second Egyptian sphinx discovered?

The legendary sphinx next to the pyramid at Giza may not be the only one of its kind. Construction workers are during the construction of a highway in the city of Luxor, after all, a brick construction bumped up a second sphinx, Egyptian authorities.

In Ancient Egypt built of sphinxes as guardians for important buildings, because the image of it enemies fear would to hunt. A sphinx was also identified with the falcon god Horus, the pharaoh, and the sun itself.

Also this recently discovered sphinx would be as a guard have service done, since the construction has been discovered a little less than ten kilometers from the famous Valley of the Kings. The image is also found between the two major temple complexes of Luxor and Karnak on the Nile. Previously there were already remnants of possible sphinxes found, but they were becoming smaller and smaller and heavily battered.

Archaeologists want to this mysterious large construction first date, and examine, before they are further statements or excavations. If it turns out that the sphinx is indeed from the period of the valley dates, we’re talking about a sphinx of 2,500 Bc. When at the same time as the temples is built, then we speak of 1400 Bc. That makes the building no less than 3.400 to 4,500 years old.

Tourists are allowed to the site all visit, but the construction is provisionally so, not yet extracted from the ground. ‘I can’t yet, because the environment that does not allows”, responds Mohamed Abel Aziz of the Egyptian ministry of Antiquities. According to the archaeologists is, the greater the chance that the sphinx in the best possible state. ‘For now the work on the Al-Kabbash project or just stopped, so we have enough time to make decisions about the sphinx.’

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