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Goudhaantjes Trossard and Malinovsky to do it again for Genk in the final against KV Oostende

6bce15fc2a2e75280367a93681d5d496 - Goudhaantjes Trossard and Malinovsky to do it again for Genk in the final against KV Oostende

Racing Genk has plenty of confidence for the second leg in the Europa League preliminary round against Poland’s Lech Poznan. The People appeared with a half B-team at the kick-off against KV Oostende, but went well with the three points. Trossard (via the dot) and the sunken Malinovsky made in the final stage, the difference: 0-2.

After the European confrontation against the Polish Lech Poznan decided Racing Genk-trainer Philippe Clement no less than seven bills to carry through. Seigers, Lucumi, Nastic, Heynen, Seck, Zhegrova and Gano came to the kick-off. On the other side, there was only one change in the team of Gert Verheyen: Bjelica got his chance on the left.

It was the visitors who took initiative in the early stages. This led early on to a shot at glory for Seck, who has the ball, however, the direction of the beach rammed. Zinho Gano failed on the quarter hour, then again eye-to-eye with Dutoit, but also the revival of Zhegrova found the nets. On the other side made Vandendriessche with an icicle – that is just in addition to whizzed – for the first Ostend-based threat. Genk remained all in all the better team.

KV Oostende had to after half an hour of a hearty slap on the receiving end. Literally: Zarko Tomasevic disappeared from the match after a heavy collision with Dionysos, to which the Montenegrijn a gaping hoofdwonde again. In the end of the first half came in the Kustboys twice for a dangerous set up, through a substitute Lombaerts, who is just about tapped, and Guri. The Albanian – last week is accurate against Anderlecht nodded just past the goal posts. 0-0 was the idle.

It was Oostende that the best from the dressing room came. Vandendriessche, Guri and Capon have encountered all of Vukovic. Clement took up with the involvement of Ruslan Malinovsky and prompt, the visitors were more dangerous. Zinho Gano threw a perfect opportunity incomprehensible to the pole. Genk kept coming through Gano and Pozuelo, but each handle Dutoit well. Oostende could only respond through Canesin, that in the zijnet decided. Meanwhile there was also a stir in the Kustboys during the change of Richairo Zivkovic, who is Gert Verheyen no hand gave. Then the coach his player as the lesson is read.

Genk kept coming and in the slotkwartier, the visitors were finally rewarded for their hard work, when Faes in the penalty area inadvertently a flurry of Trossard with the hand brought to the job. The same Trossard took his responsibility and made it from the spot 0-1. Malinovsky suggested a few minutes later, in order to search with a cannonball from 25 metres. Dutoit was for the second time in five minutes flip.

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