Glider pilots dead after crash on cemetery

7092c4cff3e408203d27f5b602cf63a6 - Glider pilots dead after crash on cemetery

BRAUNSCHWEIG – A fifteen year old glider is in the German Braunschweig crashed in a cemetery. The boy in the accident. The pilot would, according to Der Spiegel, even with a parachute in safety.

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The cause of the accident is not yet clear. The boy sat alone in the unit. He was working on his pilot’s license. From fourteen years old, there started to be part of the training is making some solovluchten.

It is the second fatal flying accident in the German state of lower Saxony this weekend. A man and his fourteen-year-old granddaughter on Saturday morning in Germany to life came about when their ultralightvliegtuig shortly after the start, crashed on a country road.

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