Friends do beer after work: wake up on Mallorca

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Palma – The phone of the 27-year-old Alun Griffiths from England was red hot when he woke up after a night of drinking. His girlfriend had several angry messages left behind because he that night was not at home come. When it turned out that he and a friend drunk on the plane to the Spanish island of Mallorca was stepped on, she was there – to put it mildly – not so much.

Alun in Mallorca.

Alun went Tuesday out the door to drink a beer with a group of friends. In a corny mood suggested Alun to go to the airport and see what flights there are available.

Together with one of his friends, Nigel, he moved to Cardiff Airport at your arrival flight to Palma, to books. The duo fell during the flight asleep and woke up on the Spanish island.

Alun Griffiths (Left) and his friend Nigel Lewis (right)

“There is also a Palma in Italy, so we did not know certainly in what country we wake up would be,” says Alun against The Sun. His family didn’t realize he was gone until she snapchats saw the shirtless-Alun on the sunny island of Mallorca.

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